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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Wonder Blogging is Dead

For some reason I feel the need to do a blog, since it's been 8 months from the last entry. I have not been satisfied with the look or feel of this site and to be honest, there hasn't been shit going on here since it's inception! Gotta change that. Where am I going to go with it? What is the site truly about? Well, come back and see what's up. It's 4:23pm where I'm at and I'm out of smokes. So off to the store for smokes, put on another pot of coffee (extra stout of course) and come back and work on the new idea.

I will say this, I have a lot of videos to post. Videos of my travels and experiences during the last 9 months (since I bought the Flip Ultra HD recorder). And maybe that is what the site will be about, my travels and experiences. I do know one thing, the dark side cafe is my Internet home, my little place to hang out.

I did decide not to delete the old blog post entries as I've done in the past, but I will bury them with new material and, one day, will look back and say... "wow, that was a rough start, but I made it!". That doesn't sound to impressive does it? Well, one day, I will look back and tell you whether or not I'm pleased with what is going on.

note: I'm not pleased with this blog post, but yet I am, simply because it is a true BLOG post... no wonder BLOGGING  is dead, or is it? Well, let's see... off to the store for smokes.



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